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"This Is My Brave - The Show" Oklahoma City
Thursday, October 6, 2016
7:00pm 9:00pm
Sooner Theatre
Join us in Norman, OK at the Sooner Theatre for an all-new, live presentation of touching essays, original music, and poetry performed by a dozen individuals living with - or loving someone with - a mental illness. Click here for tickets or Click here for more info.

Amy Sebran

Not all traditions are healthy. My mission is to break traditions in order to help people heal, promote belief in their inner spirit and to care about animals and nature and people who "just can't seem to fit in." This includes people with disabilities and MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES. ALL of us are children of the universe. We come from the same place and ALL of us break down into the same carbon material when we crossover. ALL of us have something to contribute and we NEED to improve each others' lives, TEACH LOVE, TEACH FORGIVENESS, and...APPRECIATE BEAUTY.

Hi. I am Amy Sebran. I had two lovely parents who would say "Amy, sing for me." Not every child has the gift of accepting, nurturing parents and brothers who encouraged me to sing. From an early age my brothers shared Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie music, took photographs of me and provided stage props to encourage my performances.

Learning to play and sing by ear around 9 years old, I began to read music in my teens. Earning a scholarship, I attended Phillips University earning a degree in Music Education - Therapy.

I hit the road playing Branson, Missouri and about every Holiday Inn in the North Central States and New England. Working with Sammy Pagna and Spot Productions I was earning $20,000 a year.

Meeting many of my influences on the road was a highlight of my travels. Buck Owens and the Buckaroos loved my finger picking and evening gown, Duke Ellington asked me "do you own this place", and James Taylor wanted to "take me for a ride."

Mom and Dad instilled in me a love and respect for people, animals and different cultures. Dad especially helped me see value in the music of different cultures and religions. Dad could see and feel beauty in music, especially Jewish liturgical music, but also in the music of other religions. He was an unassuming, quiet, gentle spirited man who loved people. From him and his soul mate Alice I learned to love latin, blues, jazz, liturgical music and so much more. My life is rich with beauy and love.


MY Music

These songs are from my latest album Hold Fast recorded at Drapp Studios in Tulsa, OK.
Click on the images to play each song.
To Purchase the CD please contact Amy using the email address or form below.

Hold Fast To Dreams, lyrics by Langston Hughes and Mike Furches, Music by Mike Furches. Arrangement by Amy Sebran. Sung by Amy Sebran. The Sin, Shoot Shoot, Bang Bang lyrics and music by Amy Sebran. Don't Quit, lyrics and music by Amy Sebran. Hava Nagila, New words by Amy Sebran. Child of Mine, lyrics and music by Amy Sebran. I Do Not Sleep, lyrics by Mary Elizabeth Frye, Music by Amy Sebran. It Doesn't Have To Be This Way, lyrics and music by Amy Sebran. Home On The Range, New lyrics by Amy Sebran. Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring lyrics and music by Amy Sebran.


MY Experience

Here is a list of some of the places and events that I have played at over the years. Please send me a note if you would like to have me at an event you are planning. I would love the opportunity to play and sing for you.

Restaurants and clubs

Charities and fundraisers


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